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Increasing Productivity of Business Users
Global 500 global bank
The client commenced development of a system that would automate the front office workflow, thereby minimizing manual interventions and paper handling. This is aimed at better Client servicing by the bank.

Client needed to optimize the system performance to achieve and ensure high availability and reliable access.

Thinksoft assessed the use of the application and identified critical processes and business functions that needed to be tested. The user load pattern was identified to design the performance test strategy.

Mercury Interactive Load Runner Tool was used appropriately to deliver cost savings to the client. In the initial round of performance testing with virtual users, it was found that the system had limited scalability for the expected load level.

Thinksoft analyzed the test reports to identify the critical bottlenecks holding up system performance, helping client tune the system suitably.

Key Results Delivered
The response times of more than 70% of the transactions came down to acceptable thresholds.

This helped increase the service levels and productivity of the system.

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