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Managing test & Validation in a 'Phased Requirements definition' Scenario
One of the world's top investment banks
The Client initiated development of MIS and query tool to extract information from multiple high volume data intensive application sub systems, across multiple countries and multiple business products. Flexibility in collating and presenting information in the form of customized user friendly reports was an important client requirement. Client business requirements were continuously evolving during the project life cycle.
Thinksoft deployed its financial services domain knowledge and proven testing methodology to closely monitor evolving business requirements and maintain trace ability with the test plan.

Since live production test data could only be made available at a very late stage, Thinksoft used its proprietary data generation tool during this project for populating high volume test data into the test bed during test planning phase itself.

Key Results Delivered
Thinksoft found about 179 business defects in various functional modules, of which 107 were critical business defects severely affecting productivity of users.

About 50 deviations from the business requirements were identified. Thinksoft worked closely with the client to track them to closure. This was a unique value addition from Thinksoft.

Comprehensive testing and validation of the system was achieved while addressing the challenges of evolving business requirements and lack of initial test data.

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