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Alex brian
08-23-2007, 09:45 AM
Within your organisation can you explain the differences in the

a) Test Scenarios

b) Test Cases

c) Test conditions

d)Test Steps

TGS Expert
08-23-2007, 10:03 AM
I hope this will help you
Test Scenario: A Test Scenario is a combination of test conditions, integrated in a logical sequence, covering one or more business processes.

Test Condition: A Test Condition is an explicit or implicit derivation of the testable state of a function. In short, “What” is validated in the Functions is condition.

Test case: A Test Case gives one or more values/qualifiers that a test condition can have with expected results.

Test steps: The navigation path or the steps to test the inputs and expected results which are provided in a test scripts are called Test steps.

Test Strategy: Test strategy is a document which provides details of the application under test , scope of test , test approach , Test environment Test start and stop criterias , test team roles & responsibility and Defect management procedures .

Test Plan: A Document that details of how the test will proceed, who will do the testing, what will be tested, in how much time the test will take place, and to what quality level the test will be performed. It could form part of the Test strategy document

Test Approach: "Identifies each specific technique that will be employed to enable the desired testing. The apporach will vary depending on the application , the Test environment available and the the type of data to be used.It could describe a Manual approach or a Automated approach which involves use of Tools for testing"