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11-27-2007, 09:16 AM
Banking IT systems are critical to the competitiveness of banks, owing to their sheer size, the number of transactions they facilitate, and the wide range of their product and service offerings. Also, as these banks begin to expand rapidly and customer demands for centralized operations become louder, the need to integrate the IT systems of new branches and subsidiary banks into the main IT stream is becoming critical. Banks are constantly looking to cost effectively upgrade their IT systems to make them more customer-centric, interoperable and scalable.

Banks and financial institutions are sensitive to the knowledge that a single error can result in loss of repeat business, revenues and reputation. They realize the importance of testing and re-testing systems, processes, protocols and products.
When we talk of banking application domain focus acquire more importance. To test the banking application whether for functionality or any other testing one should have enough banking knowledge to know how the system will behave with respect to end users.

By its very requirement, software testing is a very exacting job, making it imperative for this service to be managed by dedicated experts with the necessary domain knowledge.