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About us

ThinkSoft Global Services Private Limited is a consulting firm head quartered in India, focussed on delivering I.T Consultancy Services & Projects to customers across the world. Thinksoft has a resource pool of over 150 professionals comprising of Domain Consultants, Software Project Managers, Testing Specialists, Testing Automation Specialists and Documentation Specialists

Thinksoft has been an approved vendor to CITIBANK, GCB India Technology, since 1991 and
has worked on a broad range of Consulting assignments and Projects, providing Best of Breed Consultants, competent Project Managers and Test and Validation expertise.

Since begining-1999 Thinksoft has completed global consulting engagements for CITICORP US,UK, Hungary,Spain,Belgium, Japan and Singapore. Thinksoft has also provided consulting services (through business partners) to other Fortune 100 firms such as First Data Resources - USA, MBNA Corp. - USA and First Interstate Bank - USA.

Thinksoft has pioneered Independent Software Verification and Validation Services that have been well received by multinational banks, as these help increase the confidence level in banking application product releases, which carry low error tolerance and tremendous financial impacts.

Connected worldwide, this lab executes global testing projects using VPN connectivity for secure confidential service to remote customer locations. Fully understanding the needs of Multinational banks, Thinksoft has provided dedicated, secure connectivity for each bank based on the bank's internal remote connectivity standards.

Our testing professionals have expertise in state of the art programming environment and interfaces connecting Web based Front-ends, Mainframe based Back-ends and a variety of Middleware.