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A large global bank re-engineered its older batch application for mutual funds, into a more distributed and inter-active application involving a large number of concurrent users. The challenge was

(a) to model the expected system response, when the normal / average number of users are logged into the system and are performing their normal tasks like navigation, additions, deletions, updates, etc; and,

(b) to simulate the behavior of the system upon application of pre-determined overload conditions in the test environment and study the degradation in performance of the application.

Thinksoft's Performance Test Group studied the functionality of the application, mapped the navigation paths, work flow patterns and expected User Interaction with the system, determined expected loads and used an automated tool to stress test the system for load and data scalability.

" I would like to place on record my appreciation for… your group for making a success of this." - (Relationship Manager of the organization)