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Stock Exchange Application Testing Services

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Outsourced Software Testing
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Capital Markets

Capital Markets Application Testing Services

Enabling 'First time right' software rollouts

Business situation
Today, forces of liberalisation and globalisation combine to enable ever-larger sums of money to move across borders. As more countries have access to international finance - cross-border flows of funds have increased dramatically. The Stock Exchanges across the geographies need to respond positively to these trends in order to ensure that they offer the best possible services not only to domestic, but also to international issuers and investors.
A successful modern exchange is essentially the correct blend of technological excellence and balanced regulation so that they can have

  • Nation-wide trading facility for equities, debt instruments and hybrids,
  • Ensure equal access to investors all over the country through an appropriate communication network,
  • Provide a fair, efficient and transparent securities market to investors using electronic trading systems,
  • Enable shorter settlement cycles and book entry settlements systems, and
  • Meet the current international standards of securities markets
While looking for technological innovation they must partner with a testing specialist to ensure that all the new applications integrate seamlessly with the present while enhancements to current applications are done 'First Time Right'.

Testing Challenges

  • Application built for real time electronic trading in securities
  • Multiple Vendors and Multiple Interfaces
  • Testing the Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery systems
  • Managing ever changing client requirements
  • Regulatory changes with extremely tight delivery schedules
  • Testing changing protocols - for e.g., from X.25 to TCP/ IP
  • To ensure all the functions work as per regulatory guidelines

How we can help

  • Domain role in testing process
  • Testing Core Competence - Structured Methodology
  • Disciplined Test management
  • Global Testing Delivery Model

Functionalities tested
  • Index Inquiry and Trading
  • Net Position
  • Online Backup
  • Online Filter
  • Multiple Index Data
  • Index Graph
  • Buy Back Trades
  • Basket Trading
  • Order Entry Buy and Sell
  • Outstanding Order (OO)
  • Market Watch (MW)
  • Maket By Order (MBO)
  • Market By Price (MBP)
  • Activity Log (AL)
  • Previous Trades (PT)
  • Order Modification and Cancellation
  • Trade Modifications and Cancellation
  • Security/ Portfolio List
  • Security Descriptor
  • Advanced Offline Order Entry
  • Market Movement
  • Auction inquiry
  • Order Status (OS)
  • Ticker Selection
  • Client Master Maintanance
  • Most Active Security List
  • Index Trading
  • Reverse Basket Trading
  • User Order Quantity Limits and Branch Limits
  • Reports
  • Color & Themes
  • Net Postion backup
  • Offline Filter

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