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IT challenges faced by a typical investment bank.

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Outsourced Software Testing
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"The real value-add TGS provided was ability to scale up and achieve rollouts on time without compromising the quality,"

- The bank's Director - Global Markets technology

Investment Banking

Investment Banking

For investment banks, 'IT Cost Reduction' is not enough.
An analysis of the annual reports of a few of the Top 10 global investment banks has revealed that:
  • The typical spend on IT is about 5 % of revenues, and offshoring delivers savings of only 1.2 % of revenues
  • The bulk of costs, up to 49%, is compensation costs
We believe that 'IT strategies must positively impact investment bank's income generation potential'.

How to steal a Billion?
Investment Banks can achieve phenomenal results by re-engineering their IT deployment framework. Typically, in an investment bank with 20,000 employees, 50% are involved in income generating activities with an earning potential of USD 1.1 million per employee. The bank can 'Steal a Billion' by releasing 5 percent of the time spent by these employees on IT related activities and diverting it to income generating activities. This translates into a 9% increase in revenue per income generating employee, to USD 1.2 million. Source: Security Industry Association

Today, investment banks are facing number of challenges - competition resulting in falling margins, regulation and compliance issues, disclosure requirements and the pressures associated with facilitating mergers and acquisitions, private equity placements and corporate restructuring. To stay one step ahead of the market, these banks have to constantly innovate and deliver new financial products. Whenever a new product has to be implemented or the existing software has to be improved with the addition of new features, meticulous requirements audit and comprehensive testing is imperative.

In us, you can find a partner who delivers rigorous, structured requirements audit and testing services to meet these business challenges.

Our domain teams interact with business users and contribute significantly to the understanding of requirements and specifications, thereby ensuring that a software developer works with a complete set of functional specifications. This coupled with our extensive independent functional testing record enables near defect-free rollout of products within timelines.

Our dual specialisation in financial domain and independent testing helps us offer the following services to global banks:

  • Business requirements mapping and analysis
  • Gap analysis between Business Requirements and Functional Specifications
  • Preparation of comprehensive Business Requirements Specifications, Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Vendor
  • Evaluation Checklists
  • Independent functional testing
  • Creation of Automated Regression Test Packs
  • Testing centre of Excellence (TCoE)

With our comprehensive testing, we have helped our clients in near - defect free rollout of software products in the investment banking domain. We have successfully tested products like Midas and CRM.

An investment bank in the middle-east, which manages about US$ 3 billion worth of assets, wanted to upgrade its software systems to rapidly develop and market high quality, value-added, consumer-preferred financial products and services. We delivered high-level business process maps and conducted a gap analysis between the prevailing system and current business needs. We prepared a comprehensive Business Requirements Specification and Request for Proposal (RFP) for the core software application, which helped the bank identify the right vendor. We were subsequently engaged by the bank for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the delivered software, to ensure it met business requirements.
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