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Quality Risks in Outsourcing - Challenges and Strategies - London Quality Risks in Outsourcing - Challenges and Strategies - Paris
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Framework to avoid quality risks in mortgage software

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Retail Lending

Retail Lending

Retail lending, particularly mortgage lending and home loans, is one of the most profitable streams for banks. However, it is also fraught with risks as banks increasingly move away from the traditional means of doing business to one that uses risk-based pricing, indirect lending and hedging. The expansion of retail lending across geographies means that regulatory, compliance and disclosure issues compound the already existing problems.

The tremendous opportunities in retail lending juxtaposed with the enormous risks involved are increasing the demand for feature-rich, defect-free lending applications. However, before deploying such applications, it is imperative that they must be tested thoroughly as any defects in a real time environment can cause enormous losses for the lending institutions - loss of revenues, loss of reputation, and loss of trust and respect.

We help global financial organizations mitigate 'Quality Risks' in outsourcing by assuring business requirements in delivered software. Our requirements audit and domain focused independent testing have helped our clients deploy flexible, scalable, and customized lending applications.

Using tools from vendors like IBM Rational, Mercury Interactive and QES, we have successfully tested applications for automobile and personal loans, mortgages and credit cards system rollouts of financial software products such as Pan Credit, LSI-NT, Foresee, Cheque mate, NBO, Generalized Installment Loans, System, Integrated Consumer Credit System.

Testing of Lending System
A Global 500 bank engaged our service to test its lending system. The challenges specific to this assignment included:
  • Identifying gaps in baselines and their impact
  • Undertaking complex verifications of:
    • Interest capitalization
    • Reports
    • Credit Rating
    • Risk Rules
  • Integrating new interfaces with trade finance, general ledger
  • Estimating system ageing

By partnering with us, the client achieved the following benefits:

  • Prepared 2200 test cases
  • Tested functional coverage of 300 loan products
  • Identified 950 defects, of which 500 were business critical
  • Tested 40 complex reports
  • Prepared an automated test pack with Rational Test suite
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