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Outsourced Software Testing
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"We believe that by using Thinksoft we will be undertaking a far more rigorous testing process than we could ever hope to achieve by ourselves. We see this engagement as a true partnership."

- Business Director (Loans), Global 100 Bank

Retail Lending


Retail lending institutions are facing the emerging challenges of cyclic demand for loan products, competition, and falling profit margins. The increased demand for credit is only matched by the rising rates of credit default and credit fraud. Lenders also have to comply with ever changing regulations in the different markets in which they operate. As the industry deals with these very complex issues, lenders are realising the importance of deploying efficient, speedy, and flexible customized software applications.

The demand is for new applications that will seamlessly integrate with the lending institution's existing applications. These applications must be tested to ensure that they provide the high level of efficiency required to meet the banks demanding needs and that they have the flexibility and scalability to withstand constant upgrades.

By combining our financial domain knowledge with our extensive testing experience, we have helped many Global 500 banks to successfully test their lending software applications. Our in-depth knowledge of loans system functionalities and proven test methodologies lend a holistic approach to testing.

We have successfully tested major lending products like Lending Solutions from Indus, PANCREDIT, FLEXCUBE, Icube, and PRIME.

Testing Personal Loans System for a Global 100 Bank
In a testing project of the Personal Loans System of a Global 100 Bank, we
  • Provided 550 domain value adds
  • Uncovered 1476 business critical defects
  • Created an Automated Test Pack
  • Created a Test Repository
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