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Outsourced Software Testing
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A well thought out testing Process can save millions of dollars

 Download PDF (67 KB)

A well thought out testing process can save millions

 Download PDF (66 KB)

Insurance Software Testing

The insurance industry owing to its size, increasing volume and different classes of insurance - life, property, casualty, and reinsurance, is complex by its nature. In order to enhance their business revenues, insurers have been wrestling over the years to streamline their operations, develop multiple/tailored products, deploy different rate structures; sharpen underwriting; reduce overheads and claim leakage; ensure coverage, and respond to heightened competition and regulatory conditions.

As an insurer, you need to be sure that any application deployed has been rigorously tested by testing teams with domain knowledge, using proven methodologies. We are the pioneers in providing domain focused independent testing services to the insurance industry. Global insurance majors have benefited from our comprehensive range of testing services.

Few of the insurance applications that our team has successfully tested include - GENIUS, METFACS2 and PREMIA.

System Testing for a US Insurance Major
A very large systems integrator assessed at SEI CMM Level 5 turned to us for help when its estimate for testing the software for a global insurance firm went awry (60 person weeks against an actual 1300 person weeks), and it was in danger of having the penalty clause invoked against it. We helped put the project back on track by:
  • Preparing a detailed test strategy document
  • Conceiving, formulating and publishing
    • A high level test execution plan
    • Test progress and defect count reporting formats
  • Establishing processes for classification, reporting, analysing and finalising defect categories
  • Establishing and implementing processes to analyse and fix test scripts and data migration defects
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